T. Lloyd Reilly

Writer,  Seanchaí, Teller of Tales, Fabulist, Aphorist, 
Liberation Theologian, Man of Letters, Simple Soul on a Complex Journey, Paranomasiac, and Adamant Seeker of Knowledge.

I am a writer with over twenty five years of writing experience. I have lived what some would consider more than one lifetime and have gained a wide range of knowledge and life experience which I wish to share through generous application of the written word. I have been published and fervently wish to publish more.

I am a versatile and effective writer who can provide both fiction and non-fiction pieces on demand. I have a vivid imagination that lends itself to projects of an eclectic nature.
"And suddenly, I understood; everything became extraordinarily clear and simple. Everything: life, death, the meaning of existence. And even stronger than this revelation was my surprise: how had no one on earth yet understood this thing, so extraordinarily simple? I had the feeling that a message had been transmitted to me, that I should remember it so as to be able to communicate it to men. I woke up with this idea in mind: not to forget what I had seen.

A second later, I had forgotten."

Mircea Eliade